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coco croppedAll non-human primates are wild animals with complex needs which simply cannot be met in captivity and certainly not in someone’s home.

These animals suffer immensely when denied the opportunity to live in their natural homes, with their families.

Damage caused to primates kept as pets is not just physical, but emotional and psychological. Sometimes that damage cannot be undone, even after years of rehabilitation.

The trade and keeping of primates as pets in the UK lacks scrutiny and so the full extent of the trade is unknown. Estimates suggest that there may be around 9,000 non-human primates kept privately in the UK.

It is vital that we ban the keeping of primates as pets in this country to prevent further suffering.

Along with national and international campaign partners and a number of other expert organisations, CAPS submitted evidence in January 2014 to the Government inquiry on whether the keeping of primates as pets in this country should be banned. A strong call has been made by leading groups such as the Born Free Foundation, Humane Society International, the RSPCA, primate sanctuary Wild Futures and the British Veterinary Association to see the trade in and keeping of monkeys and other non-human primates prohibited; this call is supported wholeheartedly by CAPS.

15 European countries have already introduced bans on keeping primates as pets, for either all or some species. We now call on the governments in the UK to follow and introduce a complete ban on the keeping and trade of primates as pets. 

Sign the petition to ban the keeping of primates as pets:

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