We believe that wild animals belong in their natural habitat and should not be caged for our entertainment.

Sri Lankan Leopard 1.8a CAPS

Behind bars. She doesn’t belong here.

We believe that wild animals in zoos suffer physically and mentally as their complex social, behavioural and physical needs cannot be met in unnatural manmade environments. Many animals in zoos show signs of distress, such as pacing or rocking backwards and forwards repeatedly. Experts say that this abnormal behaviour is caused by the stresses of being held captive.

We believe that zoos can be damaging to conservation efforts. Effective conservation is carried out by working in the animals’ natural habitat to protect individuals and entire ecosystems. Zoos do not save species from extinction. Instead, they divert much-needed attention away from important conservation work in the wild.

Presenting animals to zoo visitors as living exhibits teaches children that animals can be manipulated in order to fulfill our own curiosity about them. It suggests that animals have no right to be treated as individuals who think and feel for themselves. It fails to recognise that animals have their own needs to be met, for their own purposes.

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No Place Like Home

This video, produced in 2009, takes a critical look at the zoo industry and the lives of animals in captivity:

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