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His home is the Amazon rainforest, not a cage in the UK

Animals such as monkeys, meerkats, reptiles and turtles are wild animals who belong in their natural habitat, not cages in somebody’s home. The complex social, physical and behavioural needs of a monkey cannot be met in a parrot cage. Those of a terrapin cannot be met in a glass tank.

The exotic pet trade undermines valuable conservation efforts in native habitat countries. Whilst many exotic pets are bred in this country specifically for the pet trade, some are taken from the wild. Whilst the demand remains, supply will rush to meet it. Examples of the devastating effect of the pet trade on wild species include the Barbary macaque (macaca sylvanus) and the clown fish (amphiprion percula). In many native habitat countries, the keeping of the country’s own wildlife as pets is illegal.

For the UK to be taken seriously in the global conservation community, we maintain that we cannot be seen to be allowing this trade to continue in our own country.

Please work with us to ensure that this trade, with its negative impact on individuals and conservation efforts, is brought to an end.

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