What we do

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A life behind bars is no life at all for a wild animal

Carry out investigations to expose and address animal suffering.

Using legal covert and overt methods, we investigate concerns raised about specific establishments and wider industries. Our investigations provide high quality and reliable evidence to government agencies, regulatory bodies, the media and the general public in order to affect positive change.

Educate and raise awareness to inspire new generations of animal advocates.

By educating members of the public on the issues surrounding our major campaigns via the media, our supporter networks and provision of educational resources, we facilitate informed decision-making and inspire young people to adopt a more compassionate attitude towards animals and the natural world.

Lobby decision-makers to effect long-term legislative change for animals.

By lobbying and working alongside both local and central government, we influence legislative and regulatory change to benefit animals.

Provide support, advice and resources to other animal protection groups and individual campaigners.

By working in collaboration with others, we ensure that our charitable resources are put to the best possible use and have the best possible chance to make a real difference to animals in need.

We work in three main areas:


We believe that all animals should be treated with respect and compassion. This is why we campaign for an end to the use of animals in circus performances. [READ MORE]


We believe that wild animals belong in their natural habitat, not in captivity. [READ MORE]

The Exotic Pet Trade

We believe that the exotic pet trade is damaging to both animals and conservation efforts. [READ MORE]

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