Sea-Lies Action!

Sea-Lies Global Action!

August and September have been busy times at CAPS as activists across the world have been getting busy campaigning for JunJun and her fellow beluga whales.

JunJun the beluga whale lives in a tank. Three times a days she is made to enter the ‘Beluga Whale Theatre’ at the SEA LIFE centre in Shanghai and perform circus tricks for cheering crowds.

She must jump high to get her food reward, she has no ocean to hunt in.

She is trained to turn in circles again and again in the water, to ‘dance’ with her captors for the crowds to see.

So what happened?

Demos in Korea

On the International Day of Action on September 19th, Sea Life Centres were asked to finally release their beluga whales to the sanctuary they’ve been promised for so long.

We received these great photographs from activists in Korea from their demonstration at Busan Sea Life.

Protests in London

The campaign was taken to the heart of the UK government with a protest at Westminster Bridge in London.

TV Spanish Selfies

Emma Milne the TV Mega Vet held her own CAPS Sea Life protest whilst on holiday!

She met with the vet team at the Scoobey Animal Hospital in Medina del Campo, asking Sea Life to free JunJun and the other belugas. And she got her Mum and Dad in on the act too!

Manchester Pride!

Campaigners in Manchester held an information stall on the International Day of Action and during Manchester’s Pride Festival, lots of lovely people joined in with CAPS selfies and petitions!

Whistle blowers, California, Maldon!

Actions were carried out in California on the International Day of Action!

Sea Lies California

The Maldon Green Party had a stall at the Maldon Regatta, hit the streets with leaflets around Pavillion Park in Maldon and then went door to door!

Whistle Blowers – ex Sea Life workers, from various Sea Life aquariums across the UK – contacted CAPS with revealing information.

Whistle Blowers

What did we miss?! Send us your photos…

For lots of the events that happened over the past month we haven’t received the photos yet.

If you have any please email us, or catch us on Facebook & Twitter and share your passion for freeing these animals!

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