2014 round-up!

As we return from our festive breaks refreshed and rested the CAPS office is now back in full swing for 2015! Before we begin the New Year, though, we wanted to share with you just some of the key moments in 2014; the victories you have helped us to secure and the challenges that we have faced together.

January 2014

32018_114389641933777_8311071_nAt the beginning of 2014, the UK Government launched an inquiry to examine the keeping of monkeys and other primates as pets. CAPS submitted evidence to call for an end to the cruel practice. Our stance on this issue is simple: wild animals belong in the wild! [READ MORE]

Later in January, we were delighted to report that Blackpool Tower Circus agreed to return to all-human shows following an outcry from CAPS supporters when the business brought animals back into the ring for their 2013 Christmas pantomime. [READ MORE]

February 2014

The news in February was dominated by the shocking killing of young giraffe, Marius, at Copenhagen Zoo. The tragic death of the healthy young animal led to a spotlight being shed on the common practice of killing animals in zoos around the world. It was suggested that up to 10,000 healthy animals may be deliberately killed each year in European zoos alone. [READ MORE]

March 2014

CAPS Director, Liz, visited Dublin Zoo and questioned the organisation’s contribution to education. The resulting blog was read thousands of times and sparked debate over the role of zoos. flamingo BFF 2014[READ MORE]

The zoo was also caught out in a lie, having claimed that it did not mutilate birds using the process of pinioning. Photographic evidence showed that this was clearly untrue. [READ MORE]

Following the terrible case of animal cruelty exposed by CAPS in 2013 at mobile zoo company, Tropical Inc., a new campaign was launched to tackle this unregulated industry. [READ MORE]

April 2014

CAPS launched one of its most ambitious campaigns to-date, as the world’s largest aquarium brand, Sea Life, was exposed for hosting a secret whale circus in its centre in Shanghai. This, along with other serious concerns for animal welfare led to a major campaign being mounted against the organisation which thrived throughout 2014. [READ MORE]Sea Lies logo copy

May 2014

Circus Vegas was exposed by CAPS for falsifying documents with regard to its use of animals when it visited Scotland. The circus claimed to be animal-free, despite using ponies, when filling out applications for North Ayrshire Council which had implemented a ban on the use of council land for animal circuses. [READ MORE]

Following the launch of the Sea Lies campaign against Sea Life aquariums, CAPS joined the World Cetacean Alliance – a respected coalition of groups working to protect whales and dolphins; both in the wild and in captivity. [READ MORE]

June 2014

CAPS and campaign partners spoke out over the Government’s apparent backtracking on its promised ban on the use of wild animals in circuses. [READ MORE]

CAPS Director, Liz, visited Chester Zoo, raising serious concerns over the welfare of a number of animals. [READ MORE]

July 2014

Many groups joined together in speaking out against London Zoo’s annual “Zoo Lates” parties which see revellers descend on the zoo out of hours for the “wildest party in London”. With little Great British Circus tiger CAPSconcern for the animals, people are encouraged to drink alcohol and roam around the zoo at night. Unsurprisingly, a number of incidents which threatened both animals and people were reported in the national press. The zoo refused to budge despite a huge outcry and confirmed that the parties would continue. [READ MORE]

CAPS and campaign partners met with the Minister responsible for circuses, who confirmed his ongoing support for a ban. But the question remained: where is the ban?! [READ MORE]

August 2014

As the zoo industry publicised its “Top Ten European Zoos”, CAPS published the alternative list which highlighted the top ten reasons NOT to visit them. [READ MORE]

In August, Brother UK launched an ad campaign which featured a circus with animals. Following a fantastic show of support from CAPS supporters and others, Director, Liz, was invited tobrother copy meet the CEO of Brother UK. Following this meeting, the company committed to refrain from using live wild animals in any future ad campaign! [READ MORE]

September 2014

New research was released which appeared to confirm that zoos neither educate nor empower children. It was shown that the majority of children visiting the zoo learned nothing or, even worse, had their understanding of conservation biology negatively impacted by seeing animals in captivity. [READ MORE]

October 2014

In October, Malta banned animal circuses in a move which was celebrated around the world. CAPS and supporters continued to ask the UK Government: Where is the ban here? MP Jim Fitzpatrick brought forward a Private Members Bill to ban the use of wild animals in circuses in England and hundreds of CAPS supporters took action to ask their MPs to support the measure.[READ MORE]

November 2014

Showing once again the impact of working together, CAPS supporters responded to an appeal for help from our Spanish colleagues, FAADA. Nivea had used an inbred white lion cub in a recent advert and FAADA needed support in raising concerns. When CAPS supporters contacted the company in droves, Nivea agreed to pull the offending scene. [READ MORE]

As a follow up to CAPS’ Sea Lies campaign, the SEA LEAKS report was released. The report outlines testimony from a number of former and current employees at Sea Life centres around the UK and demonstrates what is really going on behind closed doors. [READ MORE]SEA LEAKS Report

December 2014

The BBC confirmed that it will not be shooting a second series of the controversial “Our Zoo” programme, which used performing wild animals from a notorious circus-linked company. This follows a petition launched by CAPS and campaign partners calling upon the BBC to stop using performing animals in future productions. [READ MORE]


In 2015, we will undoubtedly face further challenges but, as always, we are ready to face them and work hard for those animals in captivity who so desperately need us to speak out for them. We hope that you will join us.

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