One of the best ways to bring about change for animals is to educate and inspire people to take action! Our week of action aims to do just that.

Over the coming week, people will be getting involved in lots of ways to support the Fight for Flight campaign to end the cruel mutilation of birds in zoos and to put a stop to the killing of wild birds by zoos around the country.

Throughout the week, dedicated campaigners up and down the country will be taking action in a number of different ways  including holding: information stalls, organising demonstrations, carrying out collections, and collecting petition signatures. The CAPS team and a brave handful of supporters will be ending the week on a high (!) by carrying out a sponsored sky dive in support of the campaign!

But you don’t need to jump out of a plane to show your support for this vital work which seeks  an end to the cruel mutilation of thousands of birds in UK zoos and the killing of hundreds more. Throughout the week, we will be posting simple actions alerts on our Facebook and Twitter social media feeds which everyone can take from the comfort of their own home. Make sure you like our page or follow us on Twitter before Monday to take part!

Here’s a taster of what sort of thing we will be asking supporters to do for the birds:

Day One: Monday 26th August

Sign the Fight for Flight petition to show your support for an end to the barbaric mutilation of birds in zoos in England.

Share the petition on your social media feeds and forward to your email lists. Ask your friends to do the same.

Day Two: Tuesday 27th August

Update your Facebook and Twitter profile pictures to include our “Don’t Shoot” Twibbon to oppose the killing of wild birds by zoos.
Don't Shoot!

Who is your favourite duck? Donald? Count Duckula? Scrooge? Orville?

Perhaps you have a toy duck that you love or you have photographs of ducks at your local pond or wildlife reserve. If you have a special duck in your life, please join the “Don’t Shoot” media trend today.

We are asking supporters on social media platforms to change their profile picture to their favourite duck and add the “Don’t Shoot” twibbon to their profile. It takes a few moment and is a lighthearted and easy way to raise vital awareness of this important issue.

Step one: Change your profile picture on Facebook or Twitter to a duck (real or imaginary)

Step two: Download the “Don’t Shoot” Twibbon to overlay your profile picture by clicking HERE

Step three: Share the campaign to raise awareness of the Fight for Flight!

NB: Please be aware that copyright may apply to some images.

Day Three: Wednesday 28th August

Help us to expose those zoos that are mutilating birds. Using our interactive map, please find your local zoo and contact them to find out if they pinion birds. Visit for all you need to carry out this five minute action for animals. Remember to let us know what you find out!

Day Four: Thursday 29th August

COMPLETE the short 2 minute survey to share your views on pinioning. This data will be vital in the campaign.

Day Five: Friday 30th August

1. Write to Natural England to request that they grant no further licences to zoos to shoot wild birds. See for more information and then contact them today to request that no further licences are granted to the WWT to kill wildlife on their sites. Email address:

2. Friday is also dedicated to those of you that want to do some fundraising for the campaign! Dress-down days at work, sponsored car washes or cake sales or simply making a donation direct to the campaign. The possibilities are endless. Anything that you can do to raise vital funds for the Fight for Flight campaign will make a huge difference.

Day Six: Saturday 31st August

Beangoose copy

Today you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that our team and a group of brave supporters are taking to the sky in a daring sponsored skydive in support of the campaign. If you are able to sponsor us, we would be very grateful. Please circulate the sponsorship page via your social media feeds and email lists.

Day Seven: Sunday 1st September

It will have been an action-packed week. If you didn’t manage to take all of the actions, please take a few moments to do so today. Don’t forget to take photos of your actions and post them on our facebook page!

Email us on to let us know what you would like to do or have done. 

Your actions over the week will be crucial in the fight to help birds in zoos!

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