Hands reach out to touch him from all around. Human hands touching his wings, his back, his head. Humans he has never seen before, strangers he is forced to interact with.

He is on display in a busy indoor market for the shoppers to come and see. He has nowhere to escape the people, who point and smile at him, who touch him.

He is an eagle owl, one of the biggest owl species in the world and this is his life in a mobile zoo.

He flaps his great, powerful wings, designed to carry him through the night sky but now serve only to steady him as he is passed from the arm of one person to another. They touch him and pose for photos with him.

After they are done, he is tied down to a perch on the floor, with other owls and birds tied down around him. Some of them try to take flight, only to be pulled back to the ground when they reach the end of their rope.

His daily existence in captivity is so far removed from the rich life he should be living in the wild.

Your gift this Christmas will help fight for his freedom and for the thousands of other animals exploited in mobile zoos.

Now is your chance to make an impact for animals in mobile zoos

Your compassionate action for animals in mobile zoos – you will help investigate the mobile zoo industry and take us closer to bringing it to an end. 

Donate on our website here.

  • Your £10 donation will help us research mobile zoos and which animals they are using
  • Your £25 donation could fund an investigator for one day to collect evidence on animal exploitation
  • Your £100 donation could pay for specialist camera equipment to collect photo and video evidence


Denied the chance to fly – these birds were tied down at this mobile zoo event for hours. Help us end this by donating this Christmas.


There is a desperate need to raise awareness about what life is like for animals in mobile zoos. Snakes, lizards, meerkats, raccoons, owls, tarantulas, chinchillas, hedgehogs… so many wild animals being kept in cages and plastic boxes. Treated like toys on display to play with, not wild animals who should be living free. 

An estimated 3500 animals (minimum) are used in mobile zoos but the number is likely to be much higher.  Each species has it own specific needs and ways of living – how can they all be met in an indoor market or the back of a van?


Wild animals stacked in crates for hours on end – what kind of life is this? Take action!

Our research shows that the living standards of the animals vary with many animals often housed in the homes of those that own these businesses.  With little specific legislation to control this industry, many animals are at risk. Anyone can set up a mobile zoo without little, if any, scrutiny. No inspections are carried out and no licences are required.

Will you help us collect evidence to change this, so the animals have some protection from exploitation? 


This meerkat was kept in this tiny cage alone. He should be living in the wild with others of his kind.

We need to take action to help these animals! This Christmas, take your chance. Donate to our appeal to raise funds for mobile zoo investigation work in 2017. 

Thank you so much for caring for animals in mobile zoos – they need you so much.


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