Choose from the list below to find out more about our current campaigns and other recent work for animals:

Current campaigns Our work to end the unseen suffering of animals used in the media [READ MORE]

Animal Circuses (Ireland): The campaign to end the use of animals in Irish circuses [READ MORE]

Animal Circuses (UK): Our work towards the end to the use of animals in UK circuses [READ MORE]

Fight for Flight: The campaign to end the mutilation of birds in zoos [READ MORE]

Rudolph’s Christmas Wish: Preventing the exploitation of reindeer this Christmas [READ MORE]

Mobile Zoos: Working to tackle the growing mobile zoo industry in the UK [READ MORE]

Pet Primates: Working in partnership to end the cruel trade in primates as pets in the UK [READ MORE]

SEA LIES: CAPS exposes the world’s largest aquarium brand [READ MORE]


White lion cruelty (2012): Inbred lion cubs from West Midland Safari Park sent to Japanese circus [READ MORE]

Zoos, Drugs and Rock & Roll (2012): Port Lympne Safari Park exposed for hosting drug and alcohol-fuelled dance festival which put animals and visitors at risk [READ MORE]

Safari park animal deaths (2011): Knowsley Safari Park exposed for contravention of legislation on disposal of carcasses as well as raising queries over handling of firearms. [READ MORE]

Big cat neglect at UK safari park (2010): Woburn Safari Park kept lions  locked in dilapidated accommodation for up to 18 hours a day [READ MORE]

Illegal zoo exposed, animals saved (2010): Tweddle Farm exposed for appalling animal welfare standards. Animals found a safe home for life [READ MORE]

 Research and Publications

Front Cover copy

Mobile Zoos and Live Animal Parties: Everything that parents and teachers need to know (2014) [READ MORE]

Mutilated for your Viewing Pleasure (2013):
The pinioning of birds in English zoos [READ MORE]

CAPS_Birds_in_Zoos_Main_Cover_FINAL copy
Last in the Pecking Order (2013):
Captive birds in English zoos [READ MORE]

Ring of Cruelty (2012):
Report on the use of animals in Irish circuses in 2012 [READ MORE]

A Licence to Suffer (2012): 
Groundbreaking report lays bare legal failings of the zoo licensing system in England [READ MORE]

Exotic Pets (2010):
A Factsheet [READ MORE]
Sad Eyes and Empty Lives (2010):
The keeping of animals in zoos [READ MORE]

The Ethics of Animal Circuses (2009):
Considers if the use of animals in circuses is morally acceptable [READ MORE]
Ring of Cruelty (2006):
Report on the use of animals in Irish circuses in 2006 [READ MORE]
Suffering Deep Down (2004):
Report on the UK aquarium industry [READ MORE]



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