Amy-volunteerAmy was appointed to the role of Outreach Assistant at CAPS in September 2014. Amy will be working alongside the team and wonderful volunteers to organise and run a range of events, to recruit new volunteers to support CAPS and to set up CAPS’ first Action Group outside of London.

Amy first began to support CAPS during her time at the University of Leeds, where she studied English Language and Literature. After hearing about a CAPS’ campaign to end the use of wild animals in circuses, Amy began supporting the organisation through handing out campaign material on campus and talking to students about CAPS’ goals, as well as taking part in circus demos and marches.

In May 2013, Amy began volunteering at the CAPS office to assist with day-to-day tasks to help keep the charity running. Due to a change in employment in November 2013, Amy was no longer able to support CAPS within the office but continued to assist with community events, leading to her new role of Outreach Assistant.

Alongside supporting CAPS, Amy works for Creative Support, a social care provider for individuals with a range of needs including a learning disability or mental health needs. Amy is a Tendering and Business Development Officer, bidding for contracts to maintain and expand the organisation’s social care provision across the country. Amy also supports volunteering within the office, and leads grant fundraising to secure additional funds for the not-for-profit organisation.

CAPS is led by a team of amazingly dedicated people, tirelessly working for the day when no animals will be held captive in zoos, used for entertainment such as in circuses, or exploited by the exotic pet trade. I would encourage anybody who shares CAPS’ aims to get involved in any way they can, as during my time with the charity I’ve come to realise just how important every level of support is, all the way from grassroots activism to the involvement of the Trustees, in the running of CAPS and our mission to achieve a world without cages”.

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