A list of circuses that do and don’t use animals in the UK

As circus shows change year on year, this list may not be 100% accurate. Please let us know if you have any information to add by emailing info@captiveanimals.org

Want to visit a circus but keen to avoid those that use animals in performances? Prefer to see skilled acrobats and funny clowns rather than miserable animals plodding around the ring to the crack of a whip?

CAPS frequently gets asked which circuses in the UK don’t use animals, so here’s a list of those to see and those to avoid. The good news is that there are many more all-human circuses than animal ones and they travel the country so look out for them in your area.

CAPS regularly makes the point that we are not against circuses, just against using animals, so when choosing to visit an all-human show do let the box office know why you are visiting it rather than an animal circus.

The ones to visit:

Static animal-free circuses – i.e. not touring

The ones to avoid:

These circuses are all UK-based and use animals, including lions, tigers, horses, camels, zebras, dogs, llamas, budgies, reindeer and snakes.

In addition to these, there are occasionally visits to the UK from other animal circuses such as the German horse-circus Apassionata. If in any doubt whether a circus has animals contact CAPS

  • Blackpool Tower Circus
  • Bobby Roberts Circus (not touring 2014)
  • Circus Mondao
  • Cirque de Normandy
  • Circus Tyanna
  • Gifford’s Circus
  • Great British Circus (not touring 2014)
  • Peter Jolly’s Circus
  • Robert Brothers Circus
  • Zippo’s Circus
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