Campaign-page-headerOn November 14th 2013, the owner of mobile zoo company, Tropical Inc., was convicted of 34 offences under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and a further handful of offences under regulations designed to prevent illegal trade in endangered species. Following a whistleblower approaching CAPS in December 2012 with details of the horrific conditions that animals were kept in by the company, the RSPCA and police were informed, a warrant obtained and 74 animals were seized. These animals, at least, are now safe. [READ MORE]


Eliki the coatimundi is now far away from his pitch black prison and safe. Please donate so we can help more like him.

Despite the convictions, the owner of Tropical Inc. was not banned from keeping animals in the future and, shockingly, he is legally allowed to continue to operate his company – renting animals out for parties and events. We believe this is unacceptable and something must be done to tackle this industry so that no more animals suffer like those kept at Tropical Inc.

Despite using thousands of individual animals for commercial purposes, the vast majority of mobile zoos are completely unregulated, making the animals used by them extremely vulnerable.

Preliminary research carried out by CAPS in 2013 revealed that around 160 companies were hiring animals out for parties, events and school talks. At least 3,000 animals are held by such companies but this figure is likely to be conservative as it has been gleaned from information put into the public domain by the companies themselves, and not from full stock lists for all businesses. The true figure is likely to exceed 5,300 as a minimum.

How many more of these 160 companies are hiding animal suffering behind closed doors?

We need you to help us to find out.

In November 2013 launched an urgent appeal to raise funds to tackle the mobile zoo industry in the UK. By donating today, you will help us to campaign for change to protect these animals that are currently at risk.

The brave whistleblower in the Tropical Inc. case said:

“CAPS were the only ones that listened to me and without them the seizure never would have gone ahead and the animals wouldn’t have been saved. I can’t thank them enough; they are an amazing charity and amazing people”.

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