Volunteering with CAPS is a great way to be involved in hard-hitting campaigns for animals!

Those that join us can expect to work on both priority issues in current campaigns and day-to-day tasks which keep the charity running. Whatever your interest, from campaigns to fundraising, we make sure every volunteer gets as much out of working with us as possible.

How would you like to get involved?

Current dedicated vacancies – all voluntary

Some of our volunteers…


Susannah Louise – Susannah volunteered in our office in Manchester

pic”I want to see a future where animals are treated with dignity and respect and not used as human entertainment and that’s why I got involved with CAPS – as they campaign, lobby and raise awareness to see an end to animals suffering in zoos, circuses and advertising.

I volunteer one or two days a week at their office in Manchester and help with tasks which have ranged from helping to contact the press about Zoo Awareness Week to mailing out CAPS’ latest investigative report. They are a really friendly team and your work always feels very welcome and appreciated, and we’ve been out socially too. It’s also great to see the contribution you make have a real impact. I think if you’re unable to be a donor then volunteering your time is a very useful way to help animals.

Whatever your skills and experience, then I’m certain CAPS would love to hear from you too and like me you could also feel you’re helping to end the suffering of animals in entertainment in a very real way.”

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