Zoo Awareness Weekend 2015

On 18th April 2014 CAPS launched the ‘Sea Lies’ campaign against SEA LIFE; a brand owned by the global company, Merlin Entertainments. The campaign followed an investigation into SEA LIFE centres in the UK, you can read the results of this investigation here.

Many of the lies behind SEA LIFE were exposed during the investigation. Staff members stated that healthy animals are never put down; this was a lie. They stated animals were never taken from the wild; this too was a lie. You can read more about the lies told here.

The current focus of the campaign is to end the use of three beluga whales held captive by Merlin at their centre in Shanghai. These beautiful and intelligent animals are forced to perform daily to crowds despite SEA LIFE publicly stating in its centres in the UK that the company is opposed to holding dolphins and whales in captivity.

As it stands, aquatic animals (perhaps with the exception of cetaceans) held captive in zoos and aquariums are largely overlooked in wider campaigns on the zoo industry. We hope that, by making this information widely available to the public, we will trigger an interest and concern for these oft-forgotten animals who, we believe, are as deserving of our concern as any other sentient individual.

Find out how you can help with the campaign here: http://sea-lies.org.uk/get-involved/

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