Your impact for animals in 2016

Here at CAPS we really love this part of the year, when we can look back at all of the amazing things you have made happen for animals.

And what a year it has been! You have worked alongside us to campaign for animals exploited in zoos, mobile zoos, aquariums, circus, TV and film and the pet trade – all in just one year!


CAPS exposes TV animal supplier, Amazing Animals. Starting the year as we meant to go on, we launched the findings of our undercover investigation into one of the country’s biggest suppliers of animals for the TV and media. Film and photos showed lions, tigers and other animals being forced to perform tricks to crowds at the premises of this company. The story secured a full page spread in the Daily Mail and thousands watched our undercover footage, highlighting the sad life animals lead in this industry. [READ MORE]


Circus season begins. February signals the start of circus season meaning CAPS and supporters gear up for a busy year ahead. Thanks to your support CAPS was able to monitor animal circuses throughout the year, sharing information with local people who were opposing circuses in their town. Amazingly we distributed over 14,000 leaflets and posters for local protest and educational information!

Whistleblower shares their story of Amazing Animals. Following the public outcry of the practices carried out at Amazing Animals, a whistleblower comes forward with shocking photos of ‘behind-the-scenes’ enclosures, who claims to have been involved in the care of the animals.



Circus has licence suspended. CAPS obtained inspection reports of Circus Mondao, one of the few remaining circuses to use wild animals. We uncovered that there were repeated breaches of even the most basic licence conditions such as space, exercise and handling by the public. A young camel was left to suffer from a debilitating skin condition without receiving any veterinary treatment.
While this finally led to a temporary suspension of the circus’ licence, it was reinstated and the circus continues to tour despite these repeated breaches. This again highlights that only a ban will do!


Actions for animals in zoos and mobile zoos. Our annual Zoo Awareness Weekend saw activists, groups and new supporters taking to the streets to educate the public about the reality for animals held captive in zoos and mobile zoos! We also released our latest research into the mobile zoo industry which indicated a rise in the number of business and animals used.

Joining forces to help animals. CAPS Campaigns Director, Nicola O’Brien, attended the “Wild Animals in Performance” conference in Brussels. She met with campaigners from fourteen organisations to discuss and plan ways we could all work together to help animals used in performance in circuses, TV and media, travelling/mobile zoos and static zoos.


Speaking out for Harambe. The tragic killing of Harambe the gorilla hit headlines worldwide, sparking debate across the globe – should animals be kept in zoos? CAPS were able to speak out for Harambe and other animals in zoos, speaking out on national radio and press.


Scotland confirms ban on wild animals in circuses will go ahead. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced that Scotland intends to ban the use of wild animals in circuses, in 2017. A fantastic result for animals that we are sure will place pressure on the English and Welsh Governments to follow suit!


Animal welfare scientists conclude: Case for a ban on mobile zoos and animal circuses. In a study commissioned by the Welsh Government, scientists concluded mobile zoos and animal circuses could be banned on animals welfare grounds. Their strong conclusion will help in the campaign against both animal exploitative industries.


CAPS exposes Bristol Zoo late night party event. CAPS went undercover at the Bristol Zoo Gardens “Big Night Out”and caught on camera zoo staff stating that the loud music and visitors “do stress [the animals] out” and were “stereotyping” by pacing back and forth. The story was talked about internationally shocking concerned people and challenging opinions.

Another mobile zoo exploiting animals. CAPS investigated a mobile zoo at a local market which had owls tied down to the floor and animals kept in plastic storage boxes. Our findings were released in December as part of our appeal for mobile zoo investigations in 2017.


Day of action for primates. Alongside campaign partners CAPS took part in an online day of action against the keeping of monkeys and other primates as pets. New figures released by campaign partners, the RSPCA, showed how the trade in primates seems to be on the increase, with welfare complaints increasing three-fold in five years. Papers all over the UK covered the story and our online actions gathered over 35,000 petition signatures!

October to December

SEA LIFE release update on future of beluga whale sanctuary. After many months of silence the mammoth company released an update via their partners Whale and Dolphin Conservation. Whilst this update seems to suggest they have found a potential location for the sanctuary, once again there is no talk of ending the cruel DAILY circus shows they still force the whales to perform in. This would show a true commitment to the welfare of these animals who have been exploited for so many years.

Animals in festive events spark thousands of actions. Winter signals the end of the circus season but start of the use of live animals as entertainment at festive events. We were inundated with emails and calls about events this year and every week we were hearing of yet another action against events using camels, reindeer, penguins and others. Leaflets were sent out, research carried out, complaints made to event organisers, online actions held, as well as local groups holding demonstrations and footage gained.

There is so much to be done on ‘Rudolph’s Christmas Wish’ campaign… next year will involve more work to help exploited reindeer in the lead up to Christmas. Watch this space!

And onto 2017…

2017 will be our 60th Anniversary! 60 years of fighting for animals alongside our fantastic supporters. We will be holding different events and sharing stories of the victories and challenges we and the animals have faced over the years.

We want your stories!

Please send in your memories, stories and anecdotes  of your time campaigning for animals in entertainment, by emailing We will compile the best ones and share as part of our 60th Birthday celebrations.

Thank you for a fantastic year and see you in 2017!

Love Nicola and the CAPS team xx



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