Reindeer pulled by antlers at shopping centre event

CAPS was contacted at the beginning of December by a concerned member of the public who came across a reindeer display at her local shopping centre. The footage she took of the display showed two reindeer penned into a small area, with only cardboard beneath them.

The reindeer, who seemed to be called Honey and Freddie, were positioned next to an escalator and were surrounded on three sides by people who were reaching out to touch them. The handlers of the reindeer encouraged members of the public to touch the animals, holding the reindeer firmly by their guide-ropes so they were easy to handle.

At times it appeared Honey and Freddie were backing away from the crowds and trying to escape the hold of their handlers. To keep a grasp of the reindeer the handlers held the ripes tight and at points, even grabbed the animals by their antlers.

One visitor called the reindeer “stubborn” with a handler agreeing that “if they don’t wanna move, they don’t wanna move”. Later they could be seen physically pushing the reindeer to get them to move where they wanted them to stand. This  suggests that the animals were not free to make their own choices in whether to interact with the public or not, or even where they wanted to stand.

Please politely complain to the shopping centre who used these reindeer and ask them to have animal-free entertainment next year!

Rob Clarke – Centre Manage,

Strand Shopping Centre
73 The Hexagon
L20 4SZ

Telehone: 0151 944 2222

Please boycott events using live animals, at any time of the year. It is not in the animals’ best interests and we should be moving away from this kind of so called ‘entertainment’ – animals are not props!

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This footage was taken at the Strand Shopping Centre in Bootle on the 10/12/16 and was sent to CAPS by a member of the public.







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