Zoo Awareness Weekend 2013

Get involved! 29th March – 1st April 2013zoodemosnow

Zoo Awareness Day (now Zoo Awareness Weekend) was first started in the early 1990s by CAPS in order to raise awareness of the animal rights and conservation issues surrounding zoos. The whole concept of zoos is increasingly under question as our knowledge of animal behaviour, natural history and threats facing wildlife increases. Zoos have historically been about tourism, and providing a ‘day out’ rather than anything to do with education, conservation and research.

ZAWMany people are now aware of the real lives of wild animal societies, through natural history programmes on TV, books and the internet. A growing number of TV programmes show that the wonderful wildlife in of our own gardens, parks and other local areas can be as exciting as that of other continents.

The increasing awareness of animal behaviour also reveals further the impoverished lives of animals confined in zoos and the physical and behavioural problems captivity creates. Zoos also play an insignificant role in conservation, with the protection of natural habitats being the only serious way forward to prevent further losses of species.

Zoo Awareness Weekend aims to spread this awareness and encourage people to withdraw support for captive animal entertainment facilities.

Across the country there will be peaceful protests outside zoos, information stalls in town centres, and people will be writing letters to local and national newspapers to spread this awareness.

To get involved, organise an event and let us know or contact us to be put in touch with local campaign groups.

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