Shock as it is confirmed that no action will be taken over lion cub to circus scandal

White Lions at Amazing Animals 2010The long-awaited response to repeated queries over the investigation by BIAZA into the West Midland Safari Park lion cub scandal was finally received at the end of December by the investigating organisations, CAPS and Lion Aid. The charitable organisations have expressed their extreme disappointment at the failure to hold the park to account. The zoo will retain its BIAZA membership and apparently suffer no consequences as a result of its actions.

This move, said representatives from CAPS and Lion Aid, raises very serious questions over the integrity of BIAZA as an organisation as well as its ability to regulate its members.

Other than the letter sent to the organisations, there has been no public statement issued with regard to the decision by either BIAZA or the zoo.

Liz Tyson, Director of CAPS, said:

“The lack of action by BIAZA simply compounds the fears we raised last year on this issue and goes to show that the zoo industry will not hold its own members to account. It is for the public, then, to take on that responsibility and vote with their feet by staying away”.

The charity said it expects to make further comment in the coming weeks.

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