Which zoos in England* mutilate birds?

Thousands of birds in UK zoos have been rendered permanently flightless by the cruel process of pinioning; the partial amputation of one wing. As part of the Fight for Flight campaign, we are working to end this practice but first we need to establish the extent of it across the country.

*If you live in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland, please get involved too! The UK Government publish a comprehensive list of licensed zoos in England but no such list exists for the rest of the UK and Ireland so we have been unable to include zoos from these countries on the map. If you have a zoo near you, please contact them so we can add them!

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The zoos on this map have either been confirmed as pinioning birds or we have not been able to confirm either way if they do or they do not. Can you help us to expose this practice?


Zoos with a RED marker DO pinion birds but we need information on the zoos with a QUESTION MARK. Zoos that have confirmed that they do not pinion are not on the map and any that confirm they do not engage in this procedure will be removed.

Please help us by contacting the zoos with a question mark and finding out if they pinion birds on their site. Click a zoo near you for their contact details to get in touch to ask them (click the link to see the map on a full page). Please ask the following questions when you contact the zoo:

1. What is your policy on pinioning birds at your centre?

2. Do you hold pinioned birds at your centre?

3. Can you confirm the number of pinioned birds currently held at your centre?

4. Are the birds pinioned by your centre, or do they arrive to you already pinioned (rescued/surplus)?

5. Can you tell me who is responsible for pinioning the birds – specifically if that person/s is a qualified vet, or if that person/s is a member of staff who has been trained in the procedure. Can you confirm the qualifications of any person who carries out the pinioning procedure at you centre? (I do not require any names or personal data).

6. If the person carrying out the procedure is not him/herself a qualified vet, how is training carried out and what supervision is involved?

Please email info@captiveanimals.org with any information that you find out.

Thank you for taking action for birds!

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