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Online Factsheets

Animal circus, animal suffering

10 facts about zoos


NEW ‘Mutilated for Your Viewing Pleasure’ Report which investigates the practice of ‘pinioning’, the amputation of part of a bird’s wing, by zoos and wildlife parks.

NEW ‘Last in the Pecking Order’ Report that summarises the main findings of the wider study of welfare and ethical issues surrounding birds in zoos.

‘Ring of Cruelty II’ – (which updates the 2006 study ‘Ring of Cruelty I’)  Report which investigates the use of animals in circuses in Ireland.

‘A Licence to Suffer’– Report which investigates the legal system put in place to protect animals in zoos in England.

Sad Eyes Empty Lives – The reality of zoos

Enclosure size – Report on size of zoo enclosures in the UK

Ethics of animal circuses – Report on ethics surrounding the use of animals in circuses

Suffering Deep Down – Report on UK aquariums (abridged version)

Aquatic Zoos – Report on UK aquariums (full version)

Exotic pet factsheet – Read about the exotic pet trade


No place like home – our most recent video on UK zoos

Animals are not clowns – our most recent video on animal circuses

Save the meerkat – our most recent video on the exotic pet trade

Ring of cruelty – Animal circuses in Ireland

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