The end is in sight! Can you help demonstrations continue until then?


The Government has announced that the long promised ban on the use of  wild animals in Circuses, will come into force in 2015! But we must continue to demonstrate for the animals that remain in the big top for two more years.

This is a fantastic result for a long, hard fought campaign but we must not stop speaking up for animals until that day is here.

Every year, people all over the UK and Ireland campaign for animals in circuses by holding demonstrations. These individuals give their time and often brave miserable weather conditions to speak out for animals. CAPS has been supporting these dedicated individuals and their demonstrations since the 1970s.

In 2012 alone, CAPS sent out 50,000 campaign leaflets supporting over 200 demonstrations in 68 different locations across the UK, resulting in a drop in visitor numbers  and some circuses going animal free! These victories are the lifeblood of the campaign and have been great achievements for the animals as they await the arrival of the ban.

ItCircus Mondao Demonstration costs £8,000 for us to support local groups in this way every year. This is what it costs to create, print and send materials to supporters and for us to carry out vital research in our fight to end circus animal suffering.

Will you help us continue the fight for these animals, by donating to our Circus Campaign fund?

Some local groups contribute to the cost of these materials, for which we are very grateful, but we are determined to be able to send materials for free to those who can’t afford it but want to help animals in need.

We know not each one of you can make it to a demonstration, so this is an equally important way you can help and still have a lasting impact on the future of animals in circuses.Tiger-donate

Please help us stop animals in circuses suffering by donating today. Thank you.



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