Our dedicated team of staff, advisors and patrons come from a strong background in animal protection, welfare and conservation. Supported by researchers and investigators who are experts in their field, a team of volunteers, and our generous members and donors, the team’s multi-faceted experience allows for our continued success in CAPS’ campaigning work.

NicolaNicola O’Brien –  Campaigns Director

“The opportunity to work for an organisation like CAPS and help them continue their work, particularly one I have admired and followed for so long, is fantastic. CAPS is unique in its mix of high level work lobbying governments whilst maintaining their commitment to supporting grassroots activism – the very foundations of CAPS – which I admire greatly.” [READ MORE]



Maddy Taylor – Campaigns Assistant

“The fact that CAPS hold the abolitionist stance where ‘improving conditions’ just isn’t good enough, rings true with me. I feel privileged to be part of a charity which works hard for those often forgotten animals in the entertainment industry and to be part of a great team who are equally as passionate about the cause to help the animals we are striving to free from captivity.” [READ MORE]


Sarah CoatsSarah Coleman – Animal Events Campaigner

“My dream is a world where animals are free from exploitation and cruelty by humans, and I know we have a long way to go, but I will never give up hope. I am proud to be a part of CAPS because they campaign to make the world a better place for animals, not just better conditions for mistreatment. The use of animals for entertainment, is the issue that I am most passionate about stopping.” [READ MORE]


Amy-volunteerAmy Hill – Outreach Assistant

I would encourage anybody who shares CAPS’ aims to get involved in any way they can, as during my time with the charity I’ve come to realise just how important every level of support is, all the way from grassroots activism to the involvement of the Trustees, in the running of CAPS and our mission to achieve a world without cages”. [READ MORE]



Liz Tyson – Consultant16640_10153748837080577_1408940972_n

“I am a great believer in education and advocacy as vehicles for positive change and I am proud to be part of  such a dedicated team whose members share these principles so strongly. CAPS has made, and will continue to make, those changes needed in this world to effectively protect animals from suffering”. [READ MORE]



Samantha Lindley BVSc MRCVS – Veterinary Advisor

I support the work of CAPS because the Society has always worked hard and consistently for results that matter directly to the animals involved and those that may come after, playing the long game rather than soliciting the gratuitous publicity of more glamorous issues”.

Sally Banks (Lady Stratford) – Patron

“I am honoured to be a patron of CAPS and fully support their campaigns to protect animals. Their work in highlighting the cruelty of using animals in circuses and the unnatural conditions of animals in zoos have been extremely effective. There is, however, always much more to be done – please offer your support if you can”.

Professor Marc Bekoff – Patron

“I’m pleased to be a patron of CAPS because I deeply believe in their mission to protect animals from the wanton and unnecessary abuse they suffer in circuses and zoos and on television.”


Jay Kay- Patron

“In the 21st century there should be no place in our world for zoos or circuses that use animals. The conditions these animals are kept in are often beyond words. Just imagine yourself being locked behind bars for the rest of your life for human entertainment.”

Professor Randy Malamud – Patron

“Over the past several years, I have felt honoured to have been associated with CAPS. I think that the organisation is doing great work informing the public about the exploitation of animals, and inspiring people to work for reform on many fronts. Those who work with CAPS, and its excellent magazine Release, strike me as having a tremendously sincere and focused insight into the array of issues that comprise the Animal Rights movement. Every time I receive a mailing from CAPS I feel thankful that they are out there, tirelessly working on behalf of the community of animals (human and other).”

Fiona Oakes – Patron

“I’m honoured to be a patron of an organisation that campaigns on behalf of captive animals. Animals aren’t here for our entertainment, whether that be in a circus, zoo, aquarium or any other place. I fully support the tremendous work CAPS is doing in bringing an end to this suffering.”


Brian Sewell – Patron

“I have a rescued parrot. She perfectly encapsulates the misery of a wild animal in the wrong environment, in the wrong climate and with access to the wrong natural resources, I cannot do for her what I have done for captive songbirds in Mediterranean countries – bought them and released them. She is for me the lonely circus elephant in Germany, the caged tiger in Spain, the dancing bear in Turkey, the baited bear in Pakistan – all of which, and many more, are reasons for my patronage of CAPS.”

We are very sad to say goodbye to Brian who passed away in 2015. Over the years Brian has been outspoken on animal issues and a dedicated Patron to our small charity. We wish to once agin send our condolences to his family but also send our gratitude and fond memories of Brian and his passion for animals.

Angela Smith (Baroness Smith of Basildon) – Patron

“CAPS should be congratulated as one of the most active and effective animal protection groups in the country. Its campaigns are well researched and there is a scientific base for its actions, which means I know I can use its campaign materials with confidence.”


Peter Tatchell – Patron

“I’m honoured to be a patron of CAPS. Human rights and animal rights are two aspects of the same struggle against injustice. Many animals suffer terribly, both physically and mentally, in circuses, zoos and other captive situations. Imprisoning animals and manipulating them for human fun and entertainment is cruel and barbaric. CAPS campaigns for the rights of these animals, without compromise. It is dedicated to stop suffering. CAPS has my admiration and appreciation. Please give CAPS your support, too.”


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